GERNWEIT – pure riding pleasure on cool e-bikes!


Whether with powerful batteries or with innovative fuel cells: GERNWEIT bikes impress as high-end bikes as well as through their drive-train technologies.



Discover GERNWEIT bikes here on the internet and get hooked trying one at a bicycle dealer near you.






E-Bikes & Pedelecs


The all-new GERNWEIT models for 2013 have become even more comfortable and light. Perfect harmony between all components assures un-surpassed fun on the ride. Click here to find out








GERNWEIT Hydrogen Bike


Unique in its kind, the GERNWEIT Hydrogen Bike combines technology and ecology to form the

ideal vehicle. Immense range, environmentally neutral fuel, energy storage free of fatigue and

refilling within just seconds – welcome to the future!



                                   Design for Gernweit H2.4 2014                       Gernweit H2 at the Ecartech Munich Oct. 2014





GERNWEIT is a brand of Hanisch & Sandner GmbH    ǀ